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Theresa Valinotti

Professional Mortgage Consultant

In today's complex financial environment my role as a mortgage professional is more important than ever in helping clients navigate, not only the mortgage loan process, but helping them navigate financially what will be their largest asset and the largest single debt that most people will acquire. Your financial future will be a result of constantly monitoring and setting goals to grow not only your assets but also to manage your liabilities.

My goal as your mortgage professional is to provide full transparency to all parties involved, your Realtor, financial planner, tax professional, and any other advisor you deem necessary so that it will be a smooth and stress-free transaction and will fit into your overall financial future.

Twenty-years in the real estate industry and having helped over 5000 families finance their home, I have seen many changes. Changes that were supposed to make it easier for the consumer, some of the changes were for the better, but the more regulated the industry has gotten the more complicated it became for the consumer.

The traditional mortgage industry has talked about the interest rate first and how to qualify, a simplistic approach to what seems to be a simplistic need. As your mortgage professional I want to be sure I understand your goals and dreams, what you want, both short and long term, and then put a plan together using a combination of competitive rates and programs to be certain you accomplish your goal. The advice and expertise I offer my clients in addition to competitive rates and programs is what sets me apart.

Partnering with you as your mortgage professional is my honor.